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     Cleaning team did a terrific job - the work was top notch and they were very professional and personable.
D. Sotherton19/07/2023
     Absolutely top notch upholstery cleaning from Harold Park Carpet Cleaners. During every home session with them, the service was always remarkable. Undoubtedly deserving of a recommendation!
Zoe Erwin23/02/2023
     I now have a beautiful, clean carpet thanks to Harold Park Cleaning Company. I'll certainly be using them again.
Daniel F19/05/2020
     I needed to hire a domestic cleaning service when I was hosting an open house. This company went above and beyond! They even provided me with some helpful cleaning tips. Amazing company, would gladly use them again.
Brandy Hampton20/09/2019
     I went with Clean Carpet Harold Park after deciding that I should probably let professionals handle my rug cleaning. This company did a superior job that I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to do.
F. Kirk28/06/2017
     I am happy I finally chose Harold Park Carpet Cleaners. I was kind of reluctant because I thought that a lower price automatically means a lower quality service too, but I was very wrong about this! The cleaner this company sent was very well-trained, she was professional and thorough and on top of it all she was friendly and sociable too! Great job!
Linda B.17/03/2015
     My previous cleaning company always did a good job, but I never felt valued as a customer, and this was important to me - especially since I was letting their staff come into my home. I've been very impressed with the customer service and dedicated to satisfaction that I've seen since switching to Harold Park Carpet Cleaners, and I can't imagine going back to any other company. Their friendly and lovely staff do a great job and are devoted to providing the best level of service!
N. Scott29/01/2015
     I was desperate for someone to help with the cleaning around the office as it was just slowing us down and was even a bit embarrassing when clients came by to visit. That's when someone suggested Harold Park Carpet Cleaners, who had been doing a bit of work in their home. Well, seems as though that was a great decision because since they've been here, I cannot remember a happier office. Not only is everything well cleaned, but everyone's more relaxed and happier. Fantastic.
Rudolph P.07/01/2015
     I am a bit of a perfectionist and I wasn't sure if having a cleaner would be ideal, as I like everything to be spotless. I broke injured my wrist earlier in the year which prevented me from cleaning. After some research, I decided to book Harold Park Carpet Cleaners to clean my house until my wrist had recovered. Well, my wrist has been as good as new for the last month and I still haven't cancelled my cleaner, which I believe speaks for itself! I am extremely impressed with the level of cleaning that I receive and nothing is too much trouble.
Lindsay T.05/11/2014
     My girlfriend and I recently rented a two bedroom flat, it's a private rental and although it's not in the best area, it's all that we could afford right now. Trouble is when we moved in, everything looked so dirty and grimy and because my girlfriend is heavily pregnant she had neither the energy or the motivation to attempt it, I'm useless at that kind of thing to so that's when we decided to get the professionals in instead. We hired Harold Park Carpet Cleaners because of the price to be honest and wow they have completely worked wonders on this house for that price, I wasn't expecting anything as good as this, so happy for your help!
Keaton J.08/05/2014
     Spring cleaning is a time of the year that I hate, so I avoid it completely, by getting someone else to do it! That someone is actually a company called Harold Park Carpet Cleaners and they are excellent! I find that the job is always done much more thoroughly than I would ever have the patience for, and it is essentially a case of good value for money. The team are friendly and polite, and I feel like they have a great deal of respect for the house, which is wonderful. I would recommend these guys to anyone out there who needs a decent cleaning company that they trust to be in their home and give a decent clean every time.
Andrea A.07/01/2014